Do you know fragrance of the white panties which girls made dirty with a pee?
I believe that that will probably be you to the captive.
Because I myself was so.
Those are the panties of the girls whom of course only downy hair has grown yet.
fragrance of the panties of the smaller child than that is unbearable to me.
The yellow stain that girls are cute.
I put the dirty part of the panties to my face,I reach orgasm soon.

I love the smell of the slit of the girls that pee smells.
Thank you.
Sutekichi Tajima 2003
It came so that it could have a guest from the foreign country look for my work collection, too, recently.However, indication in the work is Japanese.

From now on, when requirements from the guest from the foreign country increase, it will be considering making character indication in the work English.
If, try to go to the following URL when having them purchased.
Check it now!